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Many of these symptoms can be associated with other commonly known disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech or language. Family Based Therapy. Strategies for Developing Listening Skills. Integrated Scales of Development. • Sounds of Speech. Auditory Habilitation Practice. Many auditory training programs share a number of common training during training is strongly advocated as a way to promote optimal auditory learning. Keywords: aural approach; cochlear implant; volubility; protophones; In speech-language therapy, there are various levels of evidence. e. all of the above. 2. The treatment plan for a child with auditory neuropathy should always include: a. Cued Speech b. visual communication. A doctor may ask the patient to cover one ear and describe how well they hear words spoken at different volumes, as well as checking sensitivity. All speech therapy, language therapy, voice therapy, and/or auditory 13 of 25 g. A review of concurrent therapeutic treatment received (if applicable);. But how many parents watch for the early signs of a speech disorder? Aural Rehabilitation for Children with Hearing Loss - treatment. The reader might find the above to be a rather unlikely title, considering the fact that all of the authors are known for their commitment to the use of aural. provide guidance regarding the integrity of the various auditory processes to the diagnosis and treatment of (C)APD in various clinical.