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The name Mir is printed in Cyrillic on the side of the station. Visible in the Orbiter payload bay are the commercial space laboratory Spacehab and the Spartan. This is a double question 1)Do I need a patchbay? What is the purpose of a patchbay? Is it for convenience in changing which outputs go. The patch selected by this panel was drawn by fifth grade students, Zoe Nielsen, Tanner Chambers, and Cassandra Morse. Pleasanton opened the Mission Patch. The Space Shuttle Discovery is shown in the orbit configuration with the Multi Purpose Logistics. Module (MPLM) Leonardo in the payload bay. Earth and the. In this tech tip, learn how patch bays enable you to reroute audio signals and how they used in some commercial studios to save space). Your space station now has a reputation level. There is now a panel called the "Mission Hub" where you'll receive mission offers from. Requires 3rd-Party Account: Space Station 14 accounts Will you patch up the medical bay after an asteroid punches a hole in it, or fight for control. With a guitar pedal patchbay, I'm not only using my guitar pedals more, and you can anticipate using about 3U of rack space. RƎLAY virtualizes radio studios. Audio mixing, crosspoint routing, multi-channel virtual sound cards - all AES67 AoIP connected, using off-the-shelf. Vtg Outer Space Ship Rocket CRESCENT BAY SCOUT-O-RAMA Boy Scouts Patch 00I2 STS-4 Space Shuttle COLUMBIA NASA Patch (Space Mission Theme) 12TJ.