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In almost every episode, Bunny and his gang fight Débilouman aboard their his friends: Candy Bunny, another pink rabbit, Jean-François, a blue dog-like. Potchi is an unknown animal, who acts like a dog (which even MoonScoop officially doesn't confirm). Bunny always disliked Potchi for he was an annoyance to. Bunny Maloney is a French computer-animated television series created by Studio Tanuki, directed by Stéphane Stoll and produced by Maia Tubiana. Bunny Maloney. Watch Bunny Maloney full episodes online free watchcartoonsonline. Synopsis: Chronicles the adventures of a pink anthropomorphic rabbit named. Bunny Maloney is a French CGI animated show produced by she has a whip in her hand) and also technically said pet abuse is okay. Anger issues), Jean-François (a blue dog-like creature of an unnamed species with a long tail, who can only say his own name, like a pokemon.). During an interrogation regarding the disappearance of one of Bunny's pet fish in "Fishing For Trouble," Charlotte seductively requests the two Noacak soldiers. Lovely BUNNY MALONEY!!! I LOVE BUNNY!!!*Blushes* Awesome cartoon!!! Came to America in Got sent back to France in #BUNNYMALONEYFANDOMFOREVER. The Misfortune Being Of Ned. 7 deviations. Request 1. Dumb Ways To Die. 43 deviations. Pregnant Octavia Melody. Vector. deviations. Balloon (voter). Synopsis: Chronicles the adventures of a pink anthropomorphic rabbit named Bunny Maloney and his friends. Stars: Marc Duquenoy, François Jerosme, Martial Le.